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Subject: Kane Blueriver
Nicknames: None
Date of birth: May 30
Age: Nomad, Bluffmer
Age: 20
Info: Kane is a trouble contractor. He's very skilled at the use of the sword he carries called the psi-blade. The Sword Breaker, a legendary lost ship, was given to him by his grandmother. Kane likes to collect capes/mantles but gets laughed at for wearing them and gets angry when people to that. His other favs. are black coffee and cold cola.

Subject: Canal Volfied
Nicknames: None
Date of birth: Unknown
Place of birth: Nomad, Bluffmer
Age: Secret
Info: Canal is the hologram of the main computer of the Sword Breaker. She is very intelligent and helps Kane with everything he doesn't know. She can also keep data on people by scanning them in front of her. Her hobbies are hacking, collecting news, tidying up the Sword Breaker, and upgrading weapons. Canal has two appearances. One is her adult form that she used when Alice, Kane's grandmother, owned the Sword Breaker. The other one is her 14 yr old form that she uses with Kane. Since she's a hologram, her distance from the Sword Breaker is restricted, though in the manga this situation is different.

Subject: Millennium Feria Nocturne
Nicknames: Milly
Date of birth: February 24
Place of birth: Tola, Luzolte
Age: 18
Info: Milly was a detective for an agency, but she was fired because of Kane and became part of the crew of Sword Breaker. She is the grand-daughter of Star Gazer, a member of Nightmare which Kane and company are after. Milly isn't very smart but she's highly skilled with the gun. Also, she's a great cook, but the kitchen always ends up blowing up. Her dream is tto be #1 in the universe.

Subject: Rail Claymore
Nicknames: None
Date of birth: May 2
Place of birth: Unknown
Age: 27
Info: Rail works in the Public Safety Division. He's the one who always gives jobs to Kane, though it gets them into a big mess. He isn't simply just a normal Universal Guardian. Unfortunately, he's a sort of double agent, working for Nightmare. Later on, though, he quits--or is punished out--after getting hurt and being taken ill by loss of most of his energy.

Subject: Nina Mercury
Nicknames: None
Date of birth: July 14
Place of birth: Unknown
Age: 22
Info: Nina is Rail's assistant and has a crush on him as well. She's quite happy working for him and has faith in everything that he does. Nina is good at sports has a strange ability for causing technical damage. Hugging Canal makes Canal short circuit, touching the airplane gadgets brings it into a frenzy, and touching the airplane searcher breaks it.