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About Lost Universe

Lost Universe is a futuristic fantasy anime taking place around A.D 2500. If you've seen or are familiar with Slayers TRY, you'll see many connections between the two anime series since TRY was a promo for Lost Universe

It was created by Hajime Kanzaka, the creator of Slayers, and Shouko Yoshinaka, the person who drew the Slayers manga. Lost Universe is the second series written by Kanzaka-sensei.

It was first published as a novel in 1992. The manga version was then released in the 1998 January issue of Dragon Jr. It is then followed by a 26 episodes anime series which was released in Japan on April 4th on TV Tokyo.

The appearance of the characters in Lost Universe is very similar to the ones in Slayers. What else would you except since they're both drawn by the same person. Here are some examples:
Milly or Kane = Lina *I think it's Kane*
Milly or Nina = Amelia
Rail = Xelloss
Milly = Gourry?

Quick overview
Kane Blueriver is a trouble contractor, who takes jobs which require his special skills. This ranges from patrol, to armed escort, to capturing dangerous criminals. His AI companion and the computer of the Sword Breaker, Canal helps him out. Milly is a private eye who's one of those people who have to be the best at everything. You can guess that when they get together, they go from one mess to another, but also bit by bit uncover a mystery that connects the Lost Ships (Kane has the one called the Sword Breaker) to their pasts which brings them closer and closer to a crime syndicate called Nightmare.

Volume 1
Hikari no Yaiba Kagayaku The Blazing Light Blade
Megami Tobu The Flying Goddess
Volume 2
Chuubo Odoru The Dancing Kitchen
Kouen Todoroku The Thundering Light
Da Tenshi Hashiru
Kishima Mieru
Volume 3
Neena Kyuusu The Suffering Neena
Kawaya Kiyu The Vanishing Toilet
Rurou Kessuru The Deciding Wanderer
Houyuu Chiru Scattered Friends
Volume 4
Namida Ame Hateru The Dying Rain
Yashigani Hofuru
Tsuioku Meguru
Kyoufu Sasayaku
Volume 5
Akumu Arawaru Nightmare Revealed
Milly Hossuru Desiring Milly
Keibu Buttobu
Burai Nagareru
Volume 6
Yami Izanau The Tempting Darkness
Omoi Todokazu
Hyougen Moeru
Shukumei Tsumu
Volume 7
Ashura Kitaru The Coming Ashura
Otome Kaeru The Women Return
Seima Aiutsu
Soshite... Koujin Kagayaku And... The Blazing Lightblade
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