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AD 101799:
[Swordbreaker] aka Oni: I run this page. Some
HIyas!! Welcome to my Lost Universe page! I'm doing the best I can without learning Japanese so bear with me 'kay?

Update time!
'Well, haven't updated regularly and it'll probably be less regularly when school starts ;_;' Was what I said back in its October and I didn't realli get much done either. ^^;; Only had time to add one new fanart, add new a wallpaper section and create a less image intensive version of the main page. Oh yeah, most of the wallpapers are from DoGa and one from me. ALL are either the Sword Breaker or other ships from the series. Don't worry, I'll make some of the characters when I can =) My only excuses are "School sucks and FFVIII is the phattest game I ever played!!!" Bwaahahahhaha.
Enjoy and please sign the guestbook!

- New fanart
- New section: wallpapers
- Chibi-version of the Main page up
- Fixed a few things you probably won't notice =P

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